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It is time.

WA’s 45th district is the family-centered community anchor of the Eastside...
A place of family and neighbors and culture.
A place to take root and get established.
A place to grow and to thrive.

No matter who you are or where you come from, your hard work and sacrifice should mean you make progress toward your goals.
Your dedication should mean your life gets better and easier year after year.
Your determination should mean the dream of spending life focused on the people you love, rather than just making ends meet, is within arms’ reach. 

The beauty and peace of this little corner of our great country still sing of that vision and still offer that possibility of TRUE progress.

By easing Olympia through a handful of reasonable policy adjustments, WA families can be free, ensuring that vision is realized.

It is time to:
Reduce your tax burden
Restore housing affordability
Relieve traffic congestion
Reign-in irresponsible government spending
Restrict pay-to-play politics
Reach and rehabilitate those in our homeless communities
Rescue private businesses from suffocating regulation
Reprioritize students and families as the center of education policy

Eastside families have had to play second-fiddle to special interests for far too long while footing the bill.

You have MORE than earned this relief...Together, we will see it realized!

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